January 20, 2022

Our goal at FLOOSS is to make your banking experience as seamless as possible, but if you run into any issues, know that we’re here to help, whether it’s through one of our customer service agents or our automated chatbot support. If you get stuck in the process, can’t access your account, or are a victim of identity theft, we’ll be there to assist you straight away. With the adoption of a tech savvy system, we can help you anytime! 

At Flooss we have adopted 3 pillars for the best customer service experience. 

Pillar 1. The best customer service experience is smart and seamless 

We keep a careful eye on our contacts with customers so that if you have a problem with one of our products/services, we can address it quickly. After we’ve resolved the issue, our product development team continues to monitor and improve these areas until they’re flawless. All of this ensures you’ll have the finest possible customer experience and won’t need to contact us again. 

Pillar 2. Reliable and respectful agents 

In the future, we want to fully incorporate live chat bots into our systems so that consumers may use them to adjust app settings, ask questions, or get immediate assistance when a human agent is unavailable. 

Pillar 3. Smart customer care system 

When you contact customer care in an emergency, we understand that you’ll most likely want to speak with a live person. It takes us less than a minute on average to react to your chat request. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you initially contact our customer support staff, they place a high focus on your problem. We’re continually increasing our knowledge base, redesigning essential procedures, and investing in new technology, in addition to training professionals to address unique markets and needs. 

With these principles you are looking at hopefully the most streamlined customer service possible.  Stay tuned for any updates from the Flooss support team! 

Stay tuned for more about FLOOSS 


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