How to go through a month with no spending!

January 20, 2022

With a visual indication, you can stay motivated. Before you start, make sure you understand why you want to complete this challenge, and then take a picture to help you stay on track. You might even make an old-school sticker sheet to track your daily accomplishments or utilize a reward system to inspire yourself. (Small rewards will keep you motivated) Make a list of all your necessary expenses. Plan out what you’ll need to pay for each month – rent, petrol or metro fare, insurance, and so on — as well as weekly necessities like groceries. Make a to-do list. Plan for any unavoidable purchases, such as gifts or celebrations, that may not exactly fit into the “essentials” category. Keep a list of your non-essential desires. Make a new running list of all the things you want to buy but won’t be able to during your no-spend month.  

Consider making a mental note of where you saw the item and why you felt compelled to buy it to help you spot impulse patterns. You might not want the item by the time you examine your list at the end of the month. Freebies should be taken advantage of. One of the most difficult aspects of a no-spend month is the sense of deprivation that comes with missing out. But you’re not bound to spend a month at home alone. She recommends going to parks, museums, or the library for free entertainment. Organize at-home gaming or movie nights to cut costs while keeping your social life intact. Find ways to exercise without spending any money if you decide to cancel your gym membership for the month. Try an at-home workout using free exercise videos or go for a run outside with a friend. Swipe your phone around. Delete any apps on your phone that trigger your impulse muscle to resist the temptation to shop. At the very least, Woroch recommends turning off push alerts on shopping apps that notify you of sales. To help avoid temptation, delete your credit card details from online purchasing accounts and unsubscribe from merchant email lists. 

Refrain from going on a shopping spree after your detox. Don’t spoil yourself by speed-buying everything on your “wants” list once you’ve made it through the month. Instead, take some time to think about when you felt like shopping, what you wanted to buy, and how certain people or activities may have added to your temptation. Determine where you might save money and what things you genuinely missed during the month. Then, with a more informed strategy, proceed. 


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